The Roger Anderson Chorale and Arts Consort Ltd. 501-c3.

Our Goal is to rebuild a stronger world, one voice with every voice.

This is an Arts organization dedicated to the enhancement of musical excellence and artistic culture of the North Coastal Region. We wish to nurture the innate spiritual and peaceful power of all people through Choral Music and the Visual Arts.

 The goal is to have Choral Music and the Visual Arts act as a catalyst for a more personal, creative and meditative journey for both the performer as well as the average listener. The performances would have traditional elements but would also create a new kind of environment. This environment would have the choir surrounding the audience in unbroken circles and at times being embedded into the audience itself. The audience may even participate as an extension of the choir, singing phrases that add connection. The audience configuration may also be changed. The choir could then focus their voices inward toward the center, cocooning the audience in a larger more complete warmth of sound. The circles would create a much better blend and balance for the choir and at the same time create a more complete and true choral sound experience not often achieved in the traditional sense of stage performances.

 As a part of each concert, we would integrate both traditional styles and this multi layered circular style whenever possible. We want to build a truly unique and authentic musical experience that could have a more lasting effect on both the listener and performer.


The repertoire will draw from all styles and time periods of both Secular, Multi-Cultural and Sacred Music. This would also include newly composed pieces that may have some improvisation. Another goal would be to bring together other Arts, such as Dance and Visual Imaging as integral elements whenever possible. This would create more dimensions not found in most performances today.

We want you to be a part of this organization if you can be a dedicated, flexible, and creative singer. A person who is not only versed as a traditional chorister but who could also embrace the possibility of some new ideas.