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Message from our Executive Director

The Roger Anderson Chorale’s core values are “building a stronger world,
one voice with every voice” and “nurturing the innate spiritual and peaceful
power of all people”. As an artistic organization, we support the ideas and
voices of the “other” and welcome new concepts, perspectives, and stories.

As made evident by the continual singling out of our minorities whether
attacking Asian communities for unreasonably believing they brought
Covid-19 to our shores to the systemic injustices that keep African
American populations at risk of lower education standards, health and
environmental standards and police brutality.

We seek your voice. Please contact me with your ideas for collaborations
with the Chorale whether it is a tour to your community, a composition you
may want us to sing, or a dance to perform with us. RAC explores all
genres of music and has a worldview on traditional music.

Collectively we live in a time of great unrest, but we believe in the power of
the individual. RAC hears your voice. If you have an idea for a
collaboration or composition regarding the many issues of today, from lack
of work opportunities for our youth, our immigrant communities, our
undocumented workers or our uneven education opportunities, please call
or email me. I want to hear your ideas. I want to collaborate with you on
your projects.

Roger A. Anderson

For more information on conversations about race and social issues,
please go to: Californians For The Arts - resources on racism

Board of Directors:

Roger Alden Anderson
David Hill
Connie Green
Gary Williams

Conductor and CEO:

Roger Alden Anderson.


Elisa Cho