Auditions / Membership

Thank you to all who recently auditioned.
If you have any questions, please call:
(760) 522-7187

auditionsSingers will be required to do the following during the audition:
1.    Sing all or part of one solo of your choice (we may not hear your complete solo based on the number of auditions).
2.    Demonstrate your vocal range through guided vocalization
3.    Perform tonal memory examples
4.    Sight sing one or two short examples

To request an audition, please send an email to. In your message, please include all of the following information:
•    Your Name
•    Phone Number
•    Voice part

Please fill out the singer data sheet and bring it with you to your audition. Download it here.
Please read this summary of the obligations of membership.


The musical success of the organization depends upon your dedication to the ensemble and sense of workmanship. When a singer accepts an offer of Chorale membership, it implies a desire to collaborate with the musical staff and fellow singers. High standards set by the Music Director, professional orchestras, and conductors must be the ultimate goal. Understanding that personal and professional lives pull us in many directions, we rely on singers to make their best effort to sing all performances in the concert season.

In addition to your initial audition, all members of the Chorale are re-auditioned on a regular basis, generally every two years. An individual may also be asked to re-audition if he or she misses one or more entire concert sets.

Weekly rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings from 7-9:30 p.m. at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Encinitas. There will be additional rehearsals during the week preceding each concert, and sectional rehearsals may be scheduled, as needed. It is important that you arrive promptly to all rehearsals and performances.

The maximum number of rehearsals you are allowed to miss for any concert set is two and rehearsals on concert week are mandatory. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Music Director, but only if you notify him in well in advance. Please note the concert schedule for this season as described. Check your calendar and report any conflicts affecting performances or concert week rehearsals to the Music Director before accepting his membership offer.

Practicing difficult or assigned passages between rehearsals is an essential duty of all singers. The Music Director may assign musical checkpoints and evaluate your individual preparedness on assigned portions of the score.

Concert Attire:
We have two sets of concert attire, one for formal concerts and another for informal concerts. For formal concerts, women must purchase and wear a regulation black dress.  More information about the specifics of this outfit will be provided to you if you are accepted into the chorale. Men wear White tie/shirt/vest and black tails. We use ‘the black folder’ or similar for all performances. Music is provided free of charge or will be available for print.

Financial Obligations:
Singers are required to make a financial donation of $140 per year to the Chorale. We will accommodate any singer for whom this is a financial hardship. A singer who wishes to work for the Chorale can get a 20% discount. Payment is due on or before the third rehearsal. Singers are encouraged to purchase or sell tickets to each Chorale performance and to promote all Chorale-sponsored activities.

We wish you success in your audition and look forward to meeting you and to making beautiful music together!